Getting Started

The buyers agent fills out an offer to purchase with the buyer.  This is then presented to the seller for them to accept or make a counter offer.

Offer to Purchase

Counter Offer

Amendment to Offer to Purchase


Prior Title Evidence

Prior title evidence can be provided in the form of a title commitment, final policy, or abstract that the seller received when they purchased the property. A great benefit of Prior Title Evidence is a discount is given at the time the order is placed (even if it was produced at a different company); not to mention, the efficiency is maximized when utilizing Prior Title Evidence.

In Wisconsin, if you are the sellers agent, you are responsible for placing the order for an Owner’s Policy.  The seller is usually responsible for this cost.

In Minnesota, the selling agent is still typically responsible for ordering the Owner’s Policy.  However, the buyer will usually pay this cost.


Place an Order

Online: Order Online (Prior Title Evidence and Offer to Purchase documents can be attached)

Mail:  Written Order Form  (fillable and printable) (Prior Title Evidence and Offer to Purchase documents must be sent to New Castle Title, Fax/Email/In Person.)

Call: 608-783-9265.

Title Insurance

Owners Policy

An insurance policy protecting a buyer against any defects, liens, or encumbrances on the title of the property.

In Wisconsin, typically the seller of a property pays for title insurance protecting the buyer. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide the new owner with clear title to the property.

In Minnesota, the buyer typically pays the Owners and Loan Policy of the Title Insurance.

Additional Services We Offer

Realtor Fact Sheet

New Castle Title provides a complementary Realtor Fact Sheet as a special product for realtors only. The Realtor Fact Sheet exemplifies the correct legal description and identifies the owners of record. It narrates the leins attached to the property such as mortgages and judgements and provides information on whether taxes are paid current. Most importantly the Realtor Fact Sheet depicts in advance what needs to be paid off before a successful closing can take place.

which provides a snapshot, letting them know the condition since the current owners took title of the property.  This is different than the condition of the property a home inspector would provide.  Condition of title relates to any defects, liens, or encumbrances clouding the title.

Realtor Closing Statement

The Realtor Closing Statement is a document provided to the Real Estate Agent prior to closing. It shows all fees and charge regarding the sale of the property and what the offer to purchase has requested. This document will show the realtor the amount of funds their sellers can expect to net from the sale after all bills have been paid.

Title Insurance Training Course

It is New Castle Title’s mission to WOW the customer with the most trusted and knowledgeable team. During the Title Insurance Training course participants meet with a closer and learn about title insurance and any title issues that may affect your sellers or buyers for closing. This is a free service we offer to educate our customers. Please contact Dawn Faherty at to set up your course today!