Accepting an offer on your property

Offer to Purchase

A formal contract between a buyer and seller to purchase or sell a property at an agreed upon price, along with any stipulations.

Offer to Purchase

Counter Offers

If a seller does not accept an offer to purchase, the seller may present a counter offer to the buyer. The  buyer then has the option to accept, reject or counter the counter offer.

Counter Offer


If after an Offer to Purchase is signed and the conditions change but agreeable to both parties an amendment can be made modifying the terms of the agreement.

Amendment to Offer to Purchase


Title Insurance

Owners Policy of Title Insurance

A title declares ownership rights to a property. Title insurance is a product that protects a buyer against any defects, liens, or encumbrances on the title of the property.

There are two different types of Title Insurance: 1) Owner’s Policy and, 2) Lender’s Policy. Owner’s policy protects the owner of the property. Lender’s policy protects the lender and their financial interests.

In Wisconsin, typically the seller of a property pays for title insurance protecting the buyer. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide the new owner with clear title to the property.

In Minnesota, the buyer typically pays the Owners and Loan Policy of the title insurance.


Additional Services We Offer


The day of the official transfer. New Castle Title coordinates all necessary documents and signing by all parties.  We will facilitate the transaction by ensuring all details are resolved including your mortgage payoff.


Prior to closing New Castle Title will obtain the Payoff Authorization. At closing New Castle Title will coordinate the disbursement of the payoff with the seller’s lender.

Payoff Authorization

Disbursement of Funds

New Castle Title will facilitate the payment to all appropriate parties after closing.