Kim Burrichter

Real Estate Closer

Brianna Clipper


Dawn Faherty

General Manager

Jade Forshee

Closing | Searching Specialist

Beth Grossbach

Closing Manager

Pam Groth

Post Closing Specialist

Ellie Hagen

Closing Specialist

Sally Inda

Office Manager - Onalaska

Macy Kearney

Final Policy Specialist

Carrie Kolman


Dammon Kroll


Marlene McCluskey, WLTP

Searching & Title Manager

Chris Moon

Order Processing Manager

Pam Mott

Order Entry Specialist

Tammy Potaracke

Final Policy Coordinator

Treena Viner


Mary Waddington

Administrative Assistant

Our offices are currently open by appointment only. We are utilizing phone, email, and e-signature whenever possible and are also working on an online notary. If you have a question about an upcoming closing, please call us at 608-783-9265.